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Thread: 12-year-old kidnapped girl was rescued by lions

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    As we all know, the lion is king of wild beast. Itís ferocious and cruel in our heart. We never think of make friends with it or something, except for someone in the circle. But the little girl Polly didnít think so, either does doctor Banny. I could not believe it, either, if there is no fact about these.

    In Ethiopia, the lion is considered as an emblem of the nation. And the Ethiopian regard the lion as fearsome ďthe black deityĒ, with much respect. Ethiopia wild lion is the most ferocious beast among any others in the African prairie. It will burst into fierce onslaught once it happens to meet any person. People pray for good health, never thinking of obtaining anything from that beast or getting closer with that kind of wild animal. People couldnít believe it until it happens that a twelve-year-old girl was rescued by a lion.

    In June of the year 2005, a piece of news from the south of Ethiopia surprised everyone. Scoundrels kidnapped a girl of twelve years old so as to force her to marry him. Three wild lions defend her from invasion and then finally save the girl out. The three lions also retrocede her to the police station, which was the most attractive. After hearing of this, the famous expert in zoology of America made a special study from 2006 to 2008 in order to uncover the profound mystery of kind lion. Then finally, she explained the phenomenon that kind delivering between people and beast successfully.

    That girl named Polly, whose family lived in Cephalonia region in the south of Ethiopia. Polly was the youngest children among the whole family. Just this made her received more love from the family. The Cephalonia region was between forest and prairie, but now it became poorer. The reason is multinational corporation cut off too much wood overly, which make Cephalonia became short of water. Day after day, the circumstance became worse. Females and children of every single family have to go to the palace far away to draw water only by foot.

    June 2ed in 2005, little Polly went to draw water alone before dawn, with two big plastic pails in her both hand. The only well people here live for was ten kilometers far away. The day hadnít come up, the road was a little dark before dawn. Animals were stridulating at times by many kinds, which made Polly canít help to be scared. She trembled with fear when she remembered some rumor about lion.

    These days, villagers conversed that a group of lions disturbed the Cephalonia region one after another. Father even brought a declaration from local government. It said that from recently a week on, a group of lions came out from the dense jungles nearby for the purpose of searching food. So the cows, other livestock, and even villagers all became their wonderful dinner. According to the statistics currently, at least 70 cows had been killed. Further more, 20 villagers had become their great delicacy. People lived in the villager performed panicky and nervous while facing these fierce animals.

    A scene flashed through Pollyís mind. Itís Nabore, who was lying in the path out the village with blood everywhere. Polly would never forget scars all over his body, his pale face, and the blood from head to foot. Persons gathered could hardly feel his breath. Without a doubt, he was attacked by lions. Polly was so afraid at Naboreís unfortunate experience when Villagers talked about it. In order to far away from the disaster, some people fled out with their children gradually.

    However, Polly restrained the affright and went on walking. About 20 minutes later, the day began to break. Suddenly some younger walked towards. The one in the front was Lanssi, who was 23 years old, a famous rogue. Everyone would walk away once met. Itís unlucky that Polly was intertwined by these rogues. Completely ignored Pollyís imploring, Lanssi and his fellows lift her up, and made the way to their village.

    In Ethiopia, itís a kind of custom to rob a girl home and force her to marriage. But to the contrary, itís such a shame to the girl been robbed and her family. Young man kidnapped the girl who he choose and raped her. And then they can marry her in this way. Though many girls resisted by all try, the tragedy was still performed for they canít get support from social and the law.

    Lassi just got the vested interest. He was to poor and lazy to acquirer his own wife. So he choose this unreasonable way to force Polly to marry him. They dropped Polly in a hut among farmlands, where no one can be seen. So no matter how loud Polly cried, no one could hear and come to rescue her.

    Lassi wanted to force her with his sweet words in the beginning. But it couldnít move the stubborn girl. Polly just gave them curse for back. Lassi had to move back with no idea about her. During the day, Polly tried her best to make herself stronger. But her couldnít help to weep when she see the night came. No doubt that itís a horrible time. Eventually, Lassi lost his patient at the dusk five days later. He ordered his partner to press Polly tightly and attempt to rape her. Even though Polly struggled with all her strength, she canít fight against these strong men with her young and weak body. She felt hopeless when suddenly she saw flood pouring from her own underside. Polly wept at seeing this with fear, not knowing that was just her menarche. At the same time, Lassi also discovered the flood from the body of Polly and realized what it was. He soon got so anger and gave a slap on her face ruthlessly. Anyhow, he went away with full mouth of abuse. Polly was safe temporarily.

    However, Lassi wouldnít give her up. Poor Polly was hanged and beaten up in the following consequent days. Polly often wept when she was alone with hurts in the body and the fear from that unknown menarche. She felt so despaired and hopeless. Four days later, it was June 9th; Lassi couldnít wait anytime when he and his fellows had heard from something about searching for Polly by her family and police force. He discussed with his fellows to deal with Polly tomorrow no matter what happened because of the urgent situation, when they just made it heard by Polly. Polly felt more panicky at this conversation. Though she didnít catch the meaning of deal with, she understood it must be something bad.

    Itís late at night. Not until there suddenly were green eyes outside the windows did Polly stop weeping. She also heard some boorish breathing at the same time. The eyes stared at Polly for some while and then went away. The sad Polly considered it was a kind of insect which would twinkle. Never had she contact it with dreaded lion.

    Next day was a horrible time. Lassi canít wait to bring six fellows to the hut where Polly was imprisoned. Polly cried loudly with scare as soon as they unlocked the door and carried her out ruthlessly. Just at this moment, they saw a huge black shadow come out of underbrush. The scoundrelsí hearts couldnít help to beat violently when they saw it carefully and definitely. Itís a huge-figure Ethiopia lion. It looked so tall and strong, which seemed like a deity befell from the heaven. The lion shook body and swayed its head; the green eye stared at Lassi with bristling. Lassi was so afraid that he couldnít move any longer. The huge lion walked towards and gave him a quick strike, which made Lassi fall down on the ground at once. Two of Lassiís fellows ran away quickly as they were so keen. At this moment, two young lions flashed from the back of the male lion; just like the lightning. One of the young lion pressed one scoundrel off, which made the young man fall into a swoon immediately. The other five dispersed in all directions with rolls.

    Polly was horror stricken at the scene; especially when the huge lion walked towards her. She fainted with great affright.

    By the time she awaked, Polly found herself in hospital, with a crowd of journalists around her, and of course, her family with full of concerning. Whatsoever, she was totally safe. Polly felt so relieved that nothing could hurt her any more. But how was she rescued? During the following time, Polly was told about the whole thing by the adults. Itís unbelievable. The scoundrels who were fleeing in disorder attracted villagers. The police came around as soon as they received the alarm from villagers. People all were concerning about Polly until they saw Polly were intact with three lions around her. Lions walked slowly into the forest at seeing people come along, looking back around at times. There were two young men lying on the ground with scars here and there, not far from Polly. Polly enumerated misdeeds of Lassi and his fellows detailed. Whatís more, Polly considered it that the three lions didnít tend to hurt her. To the contrary, they came to rescue him.

    The news that girl rescued by three lions soon spread in the village. People all received it as an unbelievable miracle, not accepting it as true. They all canít understand why lions act like this as the beast always attacked human beings. The story caught attention of the whole world as a result of the news reported by Ethiopia national media and BBC news net.

    The news also draws much attention of an expert on zoology. She is doctor DantchēSinpur, who was on her investigation to wildlife in Kenya which country just next to Ethiopia. She showed much interest on this happening. In December of the year 2006, doctor Dantch came to the Cephalonia region with the support of wild animalsí protection association fund organization of America, beginning her research on this new version of beauty and beast.

    To Doctor Sinpurís surprise, Polly and her family had already moved to other place because of the overfull visitors had seriously disturbed their normal life. Besides, Polly has suffered so much, and the environment there became worse day by day additionally; so they chose other place to live in. In view of this situation, Doctor had to decide to search clue from the record of police office.

    According to sergeant Wontamnē Vtachon who had participated in the search task, the three lions were really protecting the girl when they arrived. He said, the lions were defending weak Polly quietly, seemed afraid of waking her up. They walked into the underbrush as soon as they saw our police officers coming, leaving the girl still as if she was a gift. The lions roared in a low voice while walking away, showing that they didnít set their mind at rest at all. We guessed that they attempt to warn us not to hurt that girl while staring at our guns with low roaring. We were all scared even though we took guns along with us. But finally we left their region safely, perhaps because they consider us good guys. What magical animals they were! Ganbalar!

    Lassi , who was now under arrested admit his crime. He remembered it with affright. He said, itís lucky that Polly cried loudly. Otherwise, they could not survive. The lionsí green eyes and huge body was impressive to him. They all assured that the lions had been ready to rescue Polly, instead of passing by and saving Polly by chance. Fortunately, lions didnít hurt them. Perhaps they handed over them to people to deal with.

    According to the description made by the police officers, Doctor Sinpur supposed the lions considered Polly as their baby lions, because the crying voice of Polly is much similar with their babies. It seemed worked. But the lions had seen Polly. The features of the two were obviously different. Doctor realized that there might be other reasons. She swore to find it out.

    In order to get the definite reason, Doctor Sinpur came back to the hut where Polly was imprisoned. She found and scraped some bloodstain which was covered with dusts. She conclude that the three lions were roving lions after she investigated the surrounding. The lions lost their home and had to searching food in humanís region. The winter was coming, so lions all moved to the prairie in the east of Africa. Doctor Sinpur had to over her trip in haste, deciding to recall Ethiopia next summer.

    When Doctor Sinpur returned to Ethiopia in summer of the year 2008, she had got more information. The bloodstain she took from the hut had been assayed; leading to the conclusion it was menses blood which was different from ordinary blood. To the Doctorís surprise, Polly and her family moved back to their hometown, not adapting the life outside. Whatís more, they received Doctor Sinpurís interview. Polly was a mature and beautiful girl of 15 by then. Itís time to for marriage. But few people want to marry her because of the worldly prejudice, which made her parent so worried. Polly told her what she had experienced those days. The lion licked her face when she came to mind. She dared not breathe aloud at the beginning. Slowly, she sensed that the lion had no spite. She took it easy. ďBut still, I dared not to open my eyes. However, I was so tired that I hugged its neck. Oh! Itís soft. And it smelt not good.Ē Polly continued, ďEven it licked the bloodstain of my body, which made me feel more comfortable.Ē When Lassi appeared, the lion attacked him. At that moment, Polly tried her best to stop it with gestures. It worked.

    Itís so unimaginable. Doctor Sinpur suggested Polly to go with her to look for Ganbalar. The suggestion scared everyone, Vintachon sergeant included. They all opposed her because it was too dangerous. Polly was also worried although she wanted to see Ganbalar. It happened that a report about appearance of Ganbalar was received by Vintachon. Doctor Sinpur took the chance to hire a car with balustrade and persuade villagers to go together.
    Doctor Sinpur paid attention to every track at any place lions might appear. She told Polly to sing and cry. But it didnít work. After all, Polly had grown up. Her voice was never as pure as before.

    The beginning several days were totally in vain. Three day later, sergeant decided to research for the last time. They moved around all day until the day turned dark. They just wanted to turn back with disappointed when suddenly Polly felt uncomfortable from lower half of her body. Her menses came advanced. They requested sergeant to stop and drop them off. They went to the underbrush twenty meters away to deal with it.

    They finished it after about ten minutes. They just got ready to go back when suddenly they heard something in the deep grass. And something stretched out. Polly recognized it at her first sight. It was Ganbalar! It just was here quietly less than five meters away. Polly and Doctor Sinpur couldnít move at the moment. Doctor Sinpur soon calmed down and realized that they should stand where they were, instead of running away or crying for help. They had to stand still and hope something like the lion left itself happened. On the contrary, Ganbalar didnít move away. It walked towards them while smelling incessantly, step by step. Polly was so afraid of it that she fell down on the ground. Ganbalar walked closer. Doctor Sinpur let go Pollyís hand unconsciously when Ganbalar whiffed at her as if for warning. Ganbalar moved close to Polly and pat softly with its paw, using the way greeting to old friend. It outstretched tongue and licked Polly softly just like three years ago. Polly was no longer afraid of it. She stroked the mane of its neck gently. In a moment, Ganbalar turned round and walked away slowly. Ganbalar soon disappeared in the dark when Sergeant arrived. They got on the car immediately.

    Doctor Sinpur thought of what happened just now and analyzed it carefully. She summarized the entire phenomenon and then concluded that Ganbalar had special feeling with the smell of menses blood, and then recognized Polly. It has something to do with the story girl and beast which was popular all over the world. Interrelated date she had sought gave Doctor Sinpur important information. Early in the beginning of twenty century, people had discovered that female hormone can help people appease mood, especially during femaleís menstrual period. This kind of hormone is steady and adequate in its elements. So the smell is the most obvious. Medical field has already abstracted the smell of hormone from humanís body to make medicine. Just because the smell of female hormone contained in girlsí menses blood diffused in the air, it attracted the lions and appeased its wild nature. The story happened between Polly and Ganbalar verifies the tales in ancient time and Doctor Sinpurís supposition.

    Early September, Doctor Sinpur flew back to the United States to consummate her research continually. Itís learned that, because of the deteriorating living environment, only around 1,000 lions existed in Ethiopia at the present time. By force of the pressure of survival, the lion wounding happened frequently, itís more and more difficult to live in harmony between people and the lion. Although in such a case, the three lions in Cephaloniaís remote area were very kindly, they rescued and cared of a kidnapped little girl just like caring for their young.

    American magazine Nature Science has published Doctorís talk in annual communication conference on wild animals researching all over America. She said with full emotion, ďThe investigation reminds us that how to protect Ethiopia wild lions, and how to prevent them from dying out. The most important thing is, we should understand how get along with beast. Perhaps one day, wild lions treat us as friends; instead of attacking us as enemy after that we totally mater the way delivers friendship ÖĒ

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    shamrock, I have tried to look up this Dr. Sinpur, but to no avail. Do you have any other proof that this story is true?

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    Maybe they just ate.
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    Thanks Kukhri.

    Lions don't necessarily attack people on sight, especially if they don't act like prey (don't run away, etc) and as spurious glibly suggests, if they aren't that hungry either.

    Three males - two of them at least are probably brothers, probably young, haven't captured a pride of their own yet. Sometimes young lions aren't even sure what to do with natural prey once it stops running. And it's no surprise that the arrival of men with guns would make them decide to leave.
    Man can will nothing unless he has first understood that he must count on no one but himself; that he is alone, abandoned on earth in the midst of his infinite responsibilities, without help, with no other aim than the one he sets himself, with no other destiny than the one he forges for himself on this earth.
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