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Thread: Antiseptic thats a Mutagen??

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    Im sure one time as kid, you cut yourself once, and your mom Pulled out the good old sting liquid, aka Hydrogen Peroxide. H2O2 its waters steroid taking brother. I did some research, and found out the Hydrogen Peroxide is a weak acid, thats a incredibly powerful Oxidizer. The most interesting thing was that in hazards Hydrogen Peroxide was classified as a Mutagen for Somatic Mammalian cells and For Bacteria. it would make sense to why it kill bacteria, but I guess every time you use Hydrogen Peroxide your killing your own cells too.

    From my understanding of Mutagens, they usually have a Benzene Ring in them, so how can something so simple as H2O2 Mutate DNA? - A Great Site

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    Peroxide attacks anything organic. Thus, it breaks down DNA. Inside our body, it is generated all the time in tiny amounts, and there is a special enzyme called catalase, which breaks it down, releasing oxygen molecules.

    Concentrated hydrogen peroxide is actually quite a dangerous substance, since it reacts so vigorously with organic materials, releasing heat, that it can cause fires, and even explosions. If it is tipped into a beaker fuill of an organic liquid, such as oil, you had better get out of the way real quick!

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