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    So, I tried explaining to some people that sex is just an inhibition of desire to procreate which is based off of the chemical Pheramone in the persons brain. When you get horny, you are unable to control the chemical and, like a bitch in heat, want to get laid. But the sole cause of this is that chemical within the brain which causes your body to want to procreate. I tried arguing that recreational sex is a myth and that in order to have sex, your body must be in the mood to do it. (Enough Pheramone is produced)
    I tried informing them that free will is not a reality based on this chemicals observation with sexual appetite and I asked how we can truly have free will if this chemical determines our sex drive.
    Also argued on what asexual means. In the context someone was giving, they stated asexual as without sex. While everyone HAD to correct him saying asexual produces with itself. Informed them that both definitions are correct and they pretty much laughed at me for all of what I said.
    Is there a way to try to win this argument? I am at a loss of words for stupidity in others atm.

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    I do not know that your argument is sound, but evidently females of many species have different responses to sex depending on the stage of oestrus cycle they are in.

    e.g. (sorry for citing the sun, I believe this is based on actual science!)

    “Studies have found that women primarily prefer a masculinised male face at the time of ovulation, when they are most fertile, but not thereafter.

    “Women are essentially looking for a ‘provider’ when their body is ready to conceive.

    "The jutting jaw, facial hair, large eyebrows and smaller, pursed lips are all disassociated with femininity, and therefore make men with these looks irresistible when women want to conceive or just have a night of wild passion.

    “They will also be looking for the very same qualities for their children – strength, and stamina to ensure survival in their offspring– another reason why these features become desirable.”
    THis general trend appears to affect other behaviour as well.

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    I'm not sure where you got this idea of "the chemical pheramone in our brains." I think you're thinking of pheromones, a CLASS of hormones that are used to communicate between one individual and another (as opposed to communication between one cell and another, which is how hormones in the body work). From what I understand the use of pheromones by humans is debatable, though many have hypothesize that men and/or women emit pheromones that serve to attract members of the opposite sex to them, like signals advertising availability or fertility or fitness.

    There are most certainly chemicals in the brain that influence the desire to mate. However, there is, arguably, "recreational" sex - sexual interaction that is not done in order to fertilize an egg. Usually the purpose is something along the lines of forming bonds and alliances, which are ultimately done in order to increase reproductive success - but copulation done at times when fertilization is not possible is often done, and done for good reason.
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    Gee paralith, you could have just said "You mean hormones, not pheromones."

    Quote Originally Posted by verzen
    you are unable to control the chemical
    That's not true, because the chemical is you. I mean that in the "you are what you eat" literal sense. If you ingest whiskey, you are part whiskey for a while.

    You seem to be arguing that sex drive comes from hormones, and people's thoughts and behaviours then conform to those hormonal urges. Not the other way around. I basically agree.

    However I think your argument is crippled by portraying hormones as imposed from outside the self, like devils or UFO beams. That's just how the rational part may perceive them. Unfortunately for the debate everyone pretends to be an exclusively rational mind, so hormones seem both threatening and ridiculous to the "real" self.

    Get them drunk or stoned, try again.
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