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Thread: Eye surface magnified: No microscope, but a watch....

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    I waslying down today, and I my watch was on my bed, and lamp was on. The watch is a shiney one. Now i have a lamp near to my bed, and it was shining onto the watch. No when light shines on somthing, you gte those small, concentrated bits of light reflecting back? I was staring at one of those, rather closley, when i thought i oculd make out cells!

    I think i can just about see the cell wall. I dont think im imagining things either, becuase when i squint my eye, my eyelash comes into the image and is magnified also.

    Can somone explain this? Is it just simple explanation of light and angles?

    Im kind of confused and amazed! see if you can see what i saw

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    I have noticed the same before too, and I do think they are cells. But they may be cells on the top of the cornea, moving through the tear fluids.

    If you get the brightnesses and internal reflections just right, you can see veins backreflected from the retina, and floaters within the eye too.

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