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Thread: How much ATP is required for Binary Fission?

  1. #1 How much ATP is required for Binary Fission? 
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    ATP is required for binary fission, but exactly how much is used in the process of fission

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    That'd be a difficult number to nail down with accuracy.

    A simple bacterial cell like E. coli uses around 60,000 ATP molecules per second while replicating its DNA. To make one copy of the E. coli genome requires 72,289,000 ATP's. To make 1 cell requires some 55 billion ATP molecules. To make an average sized protein requires 1,500 ATP's. I got those figures from this site (if you'd like to see some more fascinating numbers like this). You could also try the BioNumbers site. They also have the 55 billion figure on this page (as well as some other mind-bending numbers).

    Note, however, that there are far fewer molecules of ATP in the cell (E. coli has 500,000 - 3,000,000). Recall thogh that ATP is continually recycled.

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