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Thread: genetic key to growing plants that are more productive

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    team of plant biologists has discovered an overlooked genetic key to growing plants that are more productive, more drought-resistant and better able to grow in soils low in nutrients. Their findings may prompt biology textbook changes and have implications for increased world food production and global reforestation efforts. The findings are particularly relevant for farmers in areas prone to drought and in developing countries that lack irrigation systems and money for expensive fertilizers.

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    "Over-expressing the single gene ... results in plants with stronger, more extensive root systems and as much as 60 percent more foliage, ... A plant with larger roots is a healthier and more productive plant, because, with a larger root system, the plant is able to get water and nutrients from larger soil areas."

    I know I grew up in the city, but I am still a gardener; I don't see the advantage. There is still a limited amount of water and nutrients; a given area of land will be able to grow fewer but larger plants.

    I am particulary concerned that:
    "...plants in which the AVP1 gene was over-expressed ... were salt- and drought-resistant and sequestered more salt ions in their vacuoles...",
    so one could not compost these plants without making the land un-usable for non-engineered plants, leaving one dependent on commercial fertilizers and engineered plants.

    I don't like this at all; please explain to me how I am wrong.

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