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Thread: recognising a "dummy-spit"

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    I have witnessed many dummy spits in my time, many very obvious "dummy spits", but there is one form of dummy spit that goes largely unrecognised. It is the "post" dummy spit, the perioed after the intial act of spitting the dummy. It is the art of ignorning real quality material because one didn't manufacture it themselves. It is the "hard boiled egg" dummy-spit. For people who can't read or write, well, its largely unnoticed, but for those who claim to have intelligence, it is the "modus-operandi" of trying to stop something good.

    You know when you've done something real "classic" and everyone not only shuts up, they ignore you: that's a dummy spit. And history will record it that way.

    A really sadistic form of the silent dummy-spit is "changing the subject", not focussing on the "real issue" being presented. "Making excuses", for instance, for the priority of "other issues", blowing them out of proportion to the point people become fatuous and complacent on the issue of, for instance, energy and farming. I mean, it happens a lot in this forum: you present an idea, its really good, and then someone changes the subject.

    So, for all you people who have done something really excellent, and have been ignored by people for it, don't worry: history will judge them as dummy spitters, as a useless, childish, spiteful fabrication of truth.

    I'm not saying I have done anything excellent, however I've seen some real quality in this forum that has gone unmentioned "purposefully". But to those people I offer words of encouragement: silent dummy-spitting is something that history will not forget. Real results speak for themselves, and not only that, they act as a beacon to their own steps of development, trashing anything that previously stood in its way......without remorse. One cannot forgive what one cannot flay back into (the past), and all the foot-kissing offered to compensate for the silent dummy-spitting will only act to throw roses on one's funeral.

    Was there ever a time in history a really good idea was kept secret?

    Would the manufacturer of a really good idea try to keep that idea a secret?

    If that manufacturer was asked why, if the case would be, the idea was kept a secret, would that manufacturer say, "because of the silent dummy-spit going on around me".

    If any such manufacturer of any great idea was known as someone to offer a factual account of something, and very transparent at that, would not one think a full and detailed account of the evolution of that great idea would be presented to all?

    Of course. Why would a manufacturer of something that works "lie" about the upbringing of whatever idea or purpose was now presumably being used as something that "works" better than anything else in whatever category one is referring to"?

    There was the Manhattan project, and that is the only secret I can think of. But at least they were doing something. It wasn't really a dummy-spit.

    Does, therefore, and this is my question, ANYONE know of any "great dummy spits in history" regarding scientific achievements? Because I find it fascinating, namely the idea that good ideas can be wrestled with by those exercising autistic behavior without history highlighting the fact those exercising the dummy-spit were seriously autistic.

    Does anyone know of any great science dummy spits in history? Like a good idea that went begging, only to be eventually snatched by a people who then became an EMPIRE in making "use" of that good idea?

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    Do you wish to be understood?

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    this is a forum - forums hardly ever make history
    "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." (Philip K. Dick)
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    Would you consider the rejection of continental drift by the majority of geologists and probably all but three geophysicists, fit your definition of a 'dummy spit'?

    I mean, it happens a lot in this forum: you present an idea, its really good, and then someone changes the subject.
    Or maybe the idea is not as good as you think it is.
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