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Thread: over 60(or possibly 59 and 13 months old.

  1. #1 over 60(or possibly 59 and 13 months old. 
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    hey is there any1 on here over 50 that i can interview for a social studies project.
    i am in 8th grade and i have a project where i have to ask 25 questions of some1 60 ears old or older and some1 older that 40 and older than 20.
    15 have been choden by my social studies teacher andi have been alowed to pick 10.
    if any1 would like to parake i can interview only 3 people.
    thank you all.

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    you have it good
    i just had to do an interview project and do all 25 questions on my own.
    and yes it was for three people
    but no i'm not 21, 41 or 61

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