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Thread: The evolution of laughter and humor

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    Humor research has been handicapped by the lines of approached applied
    by thinkers from antiquity to the present day. The main one being,
    using the word "humor" on a neurological level when it is merely a
    construct that has a vague, general meaning only applicable in
    cultural intercourse.

    I have posted an essay on a Google Page: Laughing and crying as
    displacement activities: the implications for humor theory.

    Go to the site below, scroll down until you see the elephant and blind
    men, and click on "A new theory of humor".

    I have attempted to show that viewing laughter as a displacement
    activity (defined in the essay) and explaining why it is confusing to
    use the term humor in certain contexts, answers the major problems
    encountered by humor researchers.

    I think you will enjoy the read.


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