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    There is one measureable testimony to the identity of a person and that is the one he gives about himself in writing. -Anthony Paul Kerby, Narrative and the Self, Indiana UP, Bloomington, 1991.

    Stories, even poems, are not lived but told. The function of the poetry, the story, is integrative. What happens is an adventure of language. In fact, language is what is happening. It is like a mini-spectacle.
    -Ron Price with thanks to Roland Barthes, ibid., p.93-4.

    It seems now, like drifting, not
    painstaking, aiming, directed, but
    drifting through this great dry land,
    drifting through cities and towns from
    one end of the earth to the other. I'd been
    through a cyclone and when I arrived in
    Melbourne another cyclone hit* in the north
    while I tried to settle down into something
    like normalcy, although I lived in seven
    houses that year and tried to control an urge
    that had threatened to engulf me. We nearly
    got an LSA in Kew that year and I must have
    met a hundred, or was it two hundred pretty
    ladies who bought copies of Love and Will.**

    I was lucky to survive this mine-field of the erotic
    as well as I did: without my religion I would have
    been blown away into some sensual oblivion: I think.

    Ron Price
    28 April 1996

    *The Darwin cyclone of 25 December 1974 decimated Darwin
    ** I taught Behavioural Studies to library technician trainees and I had them all buy Love and Will by Rollo May. :P

    married for 37 years; teacher for 30; living in Australia for 33 years; Baha'i for 45 years. Writer of poetry for 25 years.
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