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    Happiness, sadness, anger, hatred, love, compassion, jealousy, loyalty, just what are the neurotransmitters and chemicals in our brains that makes us feel this way? Does anyone the the precise chemical mixture? I know the chemicals for love but not the rest that I've listed.

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    Another thing I do in my spare time is edit and rewrite university essays, papers, etc.. The students research the material, write a paper and then I try and make it sound ok. So far so good. I've just finished one on NPP so I was lucky enough to read a little bit about it. Sorry that I can't provide the chemicals you asked for. One of the things talked about in the paper I just worked on was the ethical issue of test subjects. Apparently there is an NPP society out there that is pushing to become mainstream. In order to do this they will need test subjects, animal and human. NPP looks like it will benefit the treatment of mental illnesses. Specific drugs for specific areas of the brain. This paper also dwelled on the ethics of big pharmaceutical companies who are in this for profit. It's an interesting science with a colossal name.

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    Not really a precise mixture its also the levels of firing in certain regions, eg fear is from firing in the amygdala.
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