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    What is this natural need when we are at a loss for words to go "Errrm"?. I therorised that the 'word' is adopted to let others know that you are thinking and that you are still communicating and do not want the spot light to leave you so you have to regain attention. But who knows if this is the truth. So I was wondering if it is that or simply just some natural native noise we make to let others know we are still there :?.

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    I'd say your theory seems reasonable and i haven't really though about the subject,

    also when people are thinking they will often make noises by touching objects, or they will pull faces. all of which could be to gain the attention of the listener.
    Or we could be wrong, =)

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    I think that errm is just a sound made my our throats and is a quick thnking thing to do when on the spotlight. I would say errrm for when i didn't know the answer to somthing and i wished to let the person know without saying "I do not know" because personally i find that embarassing. Plus i, to get attention, would not say errrm but "i don't know" because errm is not a word people tend less to listen to it and would bore the listener not attract their attention.
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