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Thread: What would be a good answer to this hypothetical situation?

  1. #1 What would be a good answer to this hypothetical situation? 
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    Write a letter to the Anthropological Association as to how you would work out an agreement between the Gufani and Senabwandi.

    The Government of Bwanda has asked for an international team of anthropologists to help prevent the dislocation of destruction of a group of hunter/gatherer peoples living near the agricultural village of Senabwandi. Pressure has been placed on them by the United Nations to avert the tragedy; however the Bwanda government cannot visibility mandate the security of the Gufuni hunters without jeopardizing its legitimate claim to rule the nation via previous ties of kinship with the Senabwandi villagers.

    The villagers are on the brink of starvation. Their population has outstretched the available resources provided by their current fields. The Gufani occupy the land adjacent to their preventing agricultural expansion. However, with the addition of the 100 miles of land occupied by the handful of Gufani, countless Senabwandi will die over the ensuing years.

    Your job is to work out a viable solution between the two cultural groups without causing lasting harm to either group. You cannot expect assistance from the government or the United Nations. You cannot offer food relief as none is available. While the Gufani are a peace loving people, the villagers are short tempered and prone to intense violence.

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    Actually this is an interesting scenario, one of which could apply to many societies living in close proximity. I won't suggest anything in letter form, but wonder if the farming community could improve their output on existing land, or that the hunters would benefit with some form of trade.

    A pact for the Villagers to use of a portion Gufani land, in trade for some of the produced products, would seem the best solution...Even the raising of Animal food for the hunters, could reduce there need for hunting space.

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    The villagers need to have available something the hunters would want or be eager to buy. What possible tidbit could a bunch of angry starving villagers have to offer? Booze? Women? Gambling? You bet!

    Another solution is to let a church sponsor you. Adopt-a-villager or hunter for x dollars a day. Feign devotion, let someone sponsor you. Once on your feet tell the church people to F--k off.

    Write Hollywood movie location scouts. Let them know that for a modest fee that you are willing to give movie producers a real live natural studio to film in.

    Become a giant drug cartel. Grow the plants necessary to fuel a drug based economy, sit back and watch the money flow in. Allow drug barons to take over the country's economy.
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    i'd accept a few semabwandi into the guwuni tribe, to ease the load on the semabwandi, and create relations between the 2 peoples,
    and then i'd forbid the semabwandi to procreate any further.
    the few semabwandis who become guwundis would vary from time to time.
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