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    My friend is angry at me, she was talking to me last nite and I was listening but really just wanting to go watch Anime. She wasted alot of my time I felt but I stayed on the phone with her, however I mentioned we might be getting tired of eachother and maybe we could take a break. She got angry and was pissed, then she said we wouldn't talk today at all. I told her "no I'm not going to listen to this, I'm going." I already had a headache and was exhausted just listening to her, although I think she gave me it :S~ So I like talking to this female but not when I feel unwell. My energy level has been down for a few weeks and I kept talking to her all this time each nite, she doesn't seem to care.

    I don't want her making me feel guilty for not talking, she's kinda nuts IMO. I wud talk with her each day but I get tired talking alot now, it's kinda frustrating. I feel like not talking just going about my day alone in silence... so what should I do?

    She called me at work today to talk, I said "I thought you weren't gonna call me" and she said "I meant during the nite not the day" and I said "oh, ok. Well can't we just listen to eachother breath instead of talking all the time at nite, see it's calming." She didn't like that and said "maybe we should take a break" and hung up. Thing is she did this to me at work and I basically can't listen to this drama all damn day. What do I do?

    She might call later, likely not though. I would normally try calling her but now that I feel lack of energy I plan to just let it go, I can't spend it all worrying about what she'll do next.

    I thought I was depressed for awhile but usually I am suicidal if I get depressed, now I just think I'm low on energy and the reason elludes me. So yea what can I do to make her not be angry.

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