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Thread: Why is Musk Incinerating $44 Billion After His Takeover of Twitter?!

  1. #1 Why is Musk Incinerating $44 Billion After His Takeover of Twitter?! 
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    Anyone paying attention to the Twitter drama resulting from its takeover by the world's craziest man knows that the site may be on the verge of collapsing*.

    He has fired many of the most critical people required to keep it running, and many others have fled after being told to work “long hours at high intensity”, or quit. Over a thousand decided to quit, further slashing his work force to about 25% of its pre-takeover levels. This includes most of the critical people needed to operate the site, and the entire "moderation" team needed to keep off the junk, and retain all the advertisers who are now stepping back. Some of the most critical people have left and do not intend to return.

    Why is this guy trashing a company he just bought with enormous sums of cash, and debts to banks and other "partners"?! It is mind-numbing. Further still, he was telling people to vote for the Republicans in the last U.S. election, alienating all kinds of people who might otherwise buy a Tesla, and are now looking for another brand. His Tesla stock, which provides most of his wealth, is crashing due to this alienation of buyers, and to investor concerns over his attention to Twitter, possibly missing critical details at Tesla opertions.

    It seems almost Hitlerian, where major early successes lead to an infallibility "God Complex". In any event, it is rather entertaining! Time will tell if he deserves such a complex. Many are betting he does not.

    "Twitter risks fraying as engineers exit over Musk upheaval"


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    Yes, it is a mystery.Does he have gambling in his genes?

    It is rather odious how he brought his own life story into the decision about Alex Jones.

    Are we to infer he may have reinstated his account if his own experience was different.

    Public accountability at a whim?

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    I suspect a large part of the chaos being seen on Twitter, and not seen on other Musk bought firms (tesla was bought from others after all) or at Musk start ups (SpaceX) is related to the internal management dynamics, where older companies were all essentially "managing the manager" or "managing upwards"
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