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Thread: Football’s Bad Timing?

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    What’s going on over there? Soccer(football) fans in an uproar over proposed Super League. Not really following it but there appears to be some dissatisfaction and backlash re the proposal from the fans of the sport. I keep hearing the word ‘greed’ and how that deadly sin is the main driving force for this new league. Although this morning I’ve read where the English clubs have pulled out.

    Two stories here, the power of greed as a motivator and the power exhibited by fans, something that doesn’t usually come to the forefront. At least I can’t remember anything similar with so much clout. I think the negative reaction totally shocked team owners who have completely misjudged supporters of football. I think they’ll recover and fans will benefit from it, at least in the early going as teams campaign to appease the disgruntled.

    I understand it’s business and clubs are trying to please shareholders and the like but has society reached a point where questioning ‘how much money does one really need’ has produced a breaking point, one where the consumer has drawn the line in the sand and is not going to take it anymore? There’s also the break from tradition that has some upset and I guess that goes towards an unwillingness to change. Are politicians jumping on the fans/voters bandwagon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zinjanthropos View Post
    the power of greed
    At the highest level, greedy clubs, players, agents. We've known this for decades.
    But fans will pay anything and travel just about anywhere to watch their team.
    It says something about society when football becomes like a mental illness.
    As for me, I watch only regionalised non-league football following my local side home and away.
    It's a good day out, and that's all.

    You might like to read this from the only other forum I go on.

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