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    Julia Rohrer wants to create a radical new culture for social scientists. A personality psychologist at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Rohrer is trying to get her peers to publicly, willingly admit it when they are wrong. Read more here:

    Hmm, Dunning-Kruger effect in reverse? lol It seems that people who are willing to learn, or believe that they have something more to learn (about any given topic), are the most humble when it comes to what they lack in knowledge. Is winning an argument basically for the ego? Being wrong once in a while is good for one's growth. Many scientific discoveries were/are from trial and error - the ability for scientists to catch where they were wrong, and find solutions.

    Do you see yourself as intellectually humble? Do you mind being wrong? Do you personally know anyone who cringes at the thought of being wrong?

    (The italics icon is stuck lol, didn't mean to italicize the entire post!)

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