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    I was watching an interesting video about consciousness, and Donald Hoffman mentioned
    if you have damage to the brain the area back here, area V4, say in the left hemisphere of the brain, you can lose all of your color perception in the right visual field, and you can have a situation called Hemiachromatopsia in which you have normal colors in the left visual field, but starting at the mid-line and the right, everything is in shades of grey. so if i have an apple *imaginary apple on his left*, it is bright red over here, *brings imaginary apple directly in front* now the left half is red but the right half is grey, *brings the imaginary apple to his right* and now the whole apple is grey.
    This part caught most of my attention.
    *brings imaginary apple at his middle* now the left half is red but the right half is grey
    So I did some Googling but I couldn't find much on how the apple would appear in detail to these people besides in a small section on Wikipedia
    The locations of color vision loss can be restricted to one hemisphere or one quarter of the visual field.
    I'd like to know about how people with Hemiachromatopsia would see an apple that's directly in front of them:
    If you close your left eye and look through your right eye, will the left half of the apple appear bright red?
    Similarly, if you close your right eye and look through your left eye, will the right half of the apple appear grey?

    I found this diagram from this wiki page, and also this video, which seems to answer yes, and yes.

    If so, are the separating lines between bright red and grey very distinct for each eye?
    If so, does the separating line of the left eye line up perfectly with the separating line of the right eye?
    Is the same true for an apple that's very near the person's face which requires cross-eyed focus?
    Is the same true for an apple that's very far from the person's face which requires parallel-eyed focus??
    If an eye was rotated about the line-of-sight axis, would the separating line rotate too?
    Do those red and blue lines represent physical connections to the eye?
    Can someone with Hemiachromatopsia who's blind in 1 eye see the left half of the apple (directly in front) as bright red, and the right half of it as grey?
    This is very intriguing. I have so many more questions...

    EDIT section:
    I'll also append any more questions I have in this section so that they're not all over the place.

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