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Thread: Making phone calls is dying out ....really?

  1. #1 Making phone calls is dying out ....really? 
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    Can this be serious ?Are people really forgetting how to make ordinary phone calls?

    Is the phone call going the way of the written letter?

    It is news to me .I assumed everyone was just using the phone the same they always had ,just using other methods in a supplementary way.

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    For short message or two a phone not required. I use the phone more than text probably because that's the way I'm used to. My kids rarely phone. Come to think of it, i get more crank calls than actual legit calls. Mostly from scammers & businesses I have put on no-call lists (they still manage). Today was my b-day and although i'm in a lockdown situation I was on the phone to well wishers more times today than just receiving texts. They know me. It was great.

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    Young people rarely use their phones for making calls. In fact calling someone without warning is considered pretty invasive and rude. If people need to speak on the phone then they will often arrange it beforehand via text or whatever the social medium du jour is.

    Personally, I have always hated telephone calls so I think this is a major step forward in phone technology.
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    If you want a conversation, rather than sending a message, you need to phone. Also with COVID-19, meetings are made via conference calls. The major change due to modern technology is the almost complete disappearance of mail by post office.
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    I'm 22 and I use my phone for calling about as much as for texting. If there's a lot of information I have to give or ask for, and there's good chance for follow-up questions and notes, I find it easier to have the conversation through a phone call, where responses are immediate.
    I've never heard (until just now) that it is rude to call someone without telling them first.
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