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Thread: Duration of paranoia after cannabis use.

  1. #1 Duration of paranoia after cannabis use. 
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    I wasn't sure if I should put this in Health and medicine as it touches on both psychology and illegal substances.

    Quick question:

    After consuming a rather large joint, can a heavy state of paranoia still persist even several hours after the other effects are gone? (a good night's sleep and a brisk morning walk in the park)?

    Long question:

    I slighlty overdid it Monday night, and the paranoia kicked in immediately (not a usual effect for me). The thing is that on the next day the paranoia was still all over me and lasted all day long.

    For the moment, I'm assuming Tuesday's worries were an altered mental state and that's what puzzles me; can it really last that long?

    I would really appreciate your insights on the duration of cannabis-induced paranoid thoughts and how long they can last. I am not seeking "online" therapy advice for myself.


    PS. I have had real issues with being scapegoated ever since my early teens (toxic family, groups of friends, etc.) to the point that at a very young age of 47 I don't have a single close friend, so I am very apprehensive about being left aside by my new acquaintances (my inner hell yesterday).

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