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Thread: disagreeing with depressed people

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    I remember reading an article a long time ago about the tendency of people to disagree with depressed people. So if a person suffers from depression, people are more likely to disagree with that person's statements and opinions. It doesn't seem to matter what those statements or opinions are (positive or negative, offensive or flattering), and it doesn't seem to matter whether the depressed person makes their depression evident or acts as if they are happy.

    I can't find that article. I can't seem to find any research on any studies that would support the above. No doubt, my google search skills aren't as refined as they could be.

    I'm wondering if anyone can corroborate with the above or link me to some research that supports the above (or perhaps disproves it).


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    yes, these people can't listen to the present situations they live in past life to a self-depressive mode. They behave like stupid and foolish persons so most of all put them away...! These people want a good psychiatry doctor.

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