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    Hello everyone!
    I'm currently working on pseudoneglect (in particular on the bisection's task) for my psychology's courses. I have viewed that in many studies, scientists have founded that the leftward bias is more pronounced when the task is performed with the left rather than the right hand. I don't understand this point because if we consider that the right hemisphere is specialized for spatial task, why the left hand is less performing than the right one?
    Thanks for your help

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    The left side controls the right side and is concerned with strength, and practical math. The right side controls the left side and is concerned with fine movement, and imagination. Do you see the, obvious to most people, relationship of strength and practical movement, and between fine moves and imagination?

    Strength. Hitting that ball with the right. Spacial, math.
    Threading the needle with the left hand. More time to do it and think about it, and imagine ways to make it work.
    The right brain imagines, and the left makes it practical to do.

    That's why it's taught early in psychology. It's easy to understand.

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