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Thread: society awars people for achievement like nobel prizes, seems ridiculous when everything is determined/random

  1. #1 society awars people for achievement like nobel prizes, seems ridiculous when everything is determined/random 
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    given on macroscopic level things are determined. E.g. we can say, if you drop something, it fall down, because of gravity. Even quantum mechanics i wouldn't say play necesarrily little role, but once things are made from particels alike: atoms, molecules and bigger, they are more stable, you eyes doesn't fluctuate and change, colors from blue to brown every second, your intelligence will be pretty much constant, you can still improve a lot by exercise, diet and training. But still even you would invest all your time into intelligence training and study, you can't outreach your possibilities, or wait maybe you can have still success, because even on macroscopis level, everything is determined a lot, but on a quantum level, particles behaves randomly, so maybe you get just good dice roll and have success who knows. Btw intelligence can be up to 90% determined by dna, environment is consider to play role even bigger role, again which you didn't choose either, you didn't choose your parents and how they raise you.
    What i am trying to say, that on macroscopis level is everything binary: life-death, light-dark.
    But at quantum level, there are multiple states, which particle can have, but it still ends up forming into macro objects and we live at macro level, e.g. you see your iq doesn't change from 100 to 200 suddenly, or your height, so we can say for example height is pretty much determined for your life once you stop growing, if we excluded, maybe geneticaly in future you can change you height.
    And quantum mechanics proven to have effect on some chemicals in brain, for example found in bird, telling them where to go and also other particles are influenced.
    So back to height, it is determined for example, that if you lived in year 1900-2000, there would be no way to enhace your height, by some high tech medicine.
    So maximum height would be for example 200cm, that it is determined for rest of your life, that's just fact.
    But maybe if you was genius and lived optimaly and genetically your height would be 177, you could get couple cm, or not lose couple cm by healty lifestyle decisions, i don't know how exactly it works, but this is just for example.
    I don't intend this make longer, than it has to, just my verbal is inteligence is trash, becase i don't talk anywere.
    Whereas i with iq 111 can understand, that majority of stuff is determined and even will to do something with your life, is affected by personality traits and another 20000 things and each of them is determined by another 20000 things.
    I conclude than free will is just illusion and life is pretty much determined, but at the same time undetermined and everything you do is just dice roll and coinflipp, or qm just can't measure yet particle location and everything is determined.
    Tesla had photographic memory, you read book and recall everything, you have to born with it, even i invested all my time to improve inteligence, i woudn't improve, maybe like about 10-20%. That just fact, you can't do anything, i am realist.
    Even my destiny is predetermined a lot, i don't have really free will, because quantum mechanics is random.
    So why scientists get nobel prizes, when they did nothing, just some combination of atoms formed into superior being.
    It is proven that atoms and indistinguishable from each other, you are no different than a rock.
    And scientists are pretty smart, how anyone can enjoy achievement, even i am successful in something, i don't feel anything, so i borned superior to someone else, but i am really not, i am just dice roll of some particles, this is ludicrous.
    I understand it from evolutionary perspective and even from psychological, because we are motivated only by pain, or pleasure and if i think about it what i said, i never feel contentment, maybe i sometimes do a little, but i don't even realize it much, because we are just programed, to have sex and do things which feels good to thrive, but fact is noone did anything and think anything else would be just naive and stupid given facts.
    So i understand, it is important for people to think they have free will.
    And majority of people still believes in religion, which gives them hope and free will.

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