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    My B-I-L is married to a woman whose brother fits the bill as Mama's Boy. The 35 year old Italian lives alone in the basement of his parent's home. Mom still cooks his meals and does his laundry. He's a good guy, great physique, kind and friendly to everyone but still looking for the right girl. However he nearly died because of .....well I'll let you decide.

    Not sure if I've told this story before but I'm old and I forget.... At one time this guy had the most amazing girlfriend a man could have. Drop dead gorgeous coupled with an endearing personality, wit, charm and intelligence. They seemed destined for a life together. That is until one day she accepted his marriage proposal. Now it's been my experience that most girls love to plan their wedding or they at least have some preconceived notion of what will take place. Venue, invitees, church etc are just some of the things I never worried about but my wife took to heart. So maybe it was the same for this bride to be. She had her wedding all planned, yet that all came crashing down the day she ran it by her future M-I-L. Mama it turned out, already had a plan. Eventually it got nasty and the groom had to choose one plan over the other. You guessed it, mama's wedding plan was his selection. Remember I said his girl was smart and she suddenly realized where she stood. Result...she left him, mama and plan behind. He became so despondent that he later admitted considering suicide. Thankfully he's still with us but so is mama.

    What is it? Who are the most likely men to put mom ahead of the woman they asked to spend the rest of their life together with? Are some ethnic groups more likely to produce a mama's boy than others? Who's fault is it, mom or son? Is there anything wrong with a man choosing mother over another woman, especially one he's in love with?

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    When I read the header, my first response was 'calling someone a mama's boy is being judgy. Only he knows how to run his life.'

    But, having read the circumstances, I capitulate.

    Yup, that's a mama's boy. He dynamited his future to stay with his mom.

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    It sounds to me like a posessive parent at work. Anyone who acts like that doesn't really love her kids; "You don't have to do anything for yourself. But... you don't ever get to leave".

    P.S. It's not necro'ed; the corpse wasn't cold yet.
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    How tragically sad that she can't let her son grow up and live his own life. Sounds like ''mama'' is a sociopath. lol
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