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    Hi! I have open this thread because reviewing the book of David Buss "The evolution of desire" I discovered a note from the author that i didnīt pay attention in the first reading. Buss say in the sub chapter "sexual strategies" that the sexual strategies are more effective when individuals perform them unconsciously. In the spanish translation of the book (I suppose that also in the original) Buss compare that to when the conscience of a concert pianist can interrupt his performance,
    I understand that sexual strategies are unconscious solutions that our ancestors throughout the evolutionary history have used to reproduce themselves. What I do not understand is because the fact of knowing them can be counterproductive. i understood that the knowledge of sexual strategies could give greater power to the individual insofar as it allows the individual to be more "master of his destiny". Can someone explain why buss wrote this?

    Thanks in advance and forgive me for my english (Iīm from Spain)

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    I have not read the book, nor have I heard of David Buss -- but I'm always willing to guess based on zero information!

    "Sexual strategies" I'm guessing means choosing partners with whom to mate. Unconsciously we choose attractive, healthy individuals who will give us attractive, healthy children. This is true even in homosexual relationships where child creation is not an issue.

    This could become counter-productive if we try to "punch above our weight class." Most of us aren't attractive enough to entice Christie Brinkley. If we hold out for her we'll never contribute to the gene pool.

    At least, that's my guess of the author's meaning.

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