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    I made this up because google couldn't help me. Nothing scientific about it that I know of. Perhaps get to know yourself a bit better.

    How well are we at tolerating death/killing in general? What on this list are you comfortable/uncomfortable/neutral with? Does not include homicide or suicide.

    1. Not seeing/knowing what you've killed unintentionally (like stepping on an ant)
    2. Cutting down, trimming, pruning, weeding, harvesting a plant
    3. Swatting an annoying insect, trapping and killing insects
    4. Killing germs, cancer cells (anti-biotics, cleansers, radiation,etc.) Body immune system at work
    5. Bugs hitting the windshield
    6. Pets killing birds, mice, etc.
    7. Observing road kill or a dead animal or having your vehicle cause the death of some creature other than a bug
    8. Observing predator kill prey (live or on tv, video)
    9. Euthanisizing pet
    10. Harvesting livestock
    11. Setting traps to kill annoying animals (home, backyard invaders)
    12. Hunting to kill and eat (wild game)
    13. Viewing disaster, war footage, crashes, events where people and other animals are killed
    14. Movies, television, stage shows with actors that depict death
    15. Pulling the plug on a human to spare further suffering, abortion
    16. Observing a dead human body (accident scene, funeral home, battlefield, etc)
    17. Watching someone die (like on a hospital bed, at home, etc.)
    18. Killing of the enemy/criminal in self defence, by police or in war.
    19. Miscarriage
    20. Intentionally consuming known carcinogens that can kill living tissue, especially your own

    Probably more that I've missed. Even so it makes me realize just how much death is a part of our lives and that there are some aspects of it that I don't like, or might make me squeamish.

    I've had the chance to observe #9 a few times but I couldn't do it despite being invited in by the vet. I get upset if I nail a critter with my vehicle (7). Not a woman, but a miscarriage can't be good (19) I've smoked and drank, consumed drugs I shouldn't have even though I knew they could kill me and I'm not proud of it.(20) No longer hunt wild game but I still fish just for sport (12). I don't really think of plants being alive(2).

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    9, 10, 12, 15, 19. I feel uncomfortable with these. 16, 17 is what i feel very uncomforable with. 20, i feel horrible thinking about this.

    May i suggest a few extra's.

    21, touching a dead body, like with an open casket.
    22, receiving an organ from someone who had to die to give it to you.
    23, giving an organ upon your death to someone else.
    24, eating someone who is already dead to survive. (like after a plane crash in the mountains)
    25, Killing an innocent and then eat to survive (like after a plane crash in the mountains)
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    From the least comfortable to the most comfortable:
    20. 15(pulling the plug to spare suffering). 9. 18. 10. 6. 13. 7. 12. 3. 11. 5. 1. 2. 14. 4. 19. 15(abortion).

    Where 16. is to be put on the list really depends on how much of a loved one the person is. Probably at the left of 13. if it's a loved one, but if it's someone I know, then probably right of 5.
    17. depends on how much of a loved one this person is. Even if this is a stranger, this one would probably be at best, the right of 20., and at worst (maybe if it's Hitler), the left of 6..
    I assume 20. means an amount of it that would probably cause a lot of chronic suffering, if death didn't come.
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