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Thread: Cultivating Equanimity.

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    Is it possible to do this or is it something you either have or do not have ?

    To my mind it seems like a high virtue but is it really? Are there bad side effects to being equanimous? (does it cause a dullness of perception?)

    Is it possible to say that mood swings are a sign of a lack of equanimity or would it be more accurate to consider mood swings as some kind of an "external" difficulty which it is possible to suffer with equanimity?

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    Well, I can remember myself in my teens and early twenties, when I would lose my temper with very little provocation and indulge in shoving matches and fistfights. I had a wake up moment when I realized I had nearly killed someone over relative trivia, and decided I wasn't going to lose my temper any more. I have not been entirely successful, I still occasionally get in pointless shouting matches with particularly annoying people, but I have not physically struck anyone since that day (over 30 years ago). To some degree, I think most people learn equanimity as they get older, moodiness is more the province of the young. But I do think one can make a real change in their pattern of behavior if they are sufficiently determined to do so.

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    Equanimity is not a word I use but I think I do practice it.
    Quote Originally Posted by
    evenness of mind especially under stress <nothing could disturb his equanimity>
    It is not easy to achieve.
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