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Thread: I have to write an abstract for my research but my data makes no sense?

  1. #1 I have to write an abstract for my research but my data makes no sense? 
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    I'm working on a research project for Twitter and honestly, I wanted to work on researching trends in League Of Legend, but my team are as big of nerds as me.

    My team wanted to compare the high-ranking of a tweet/trending topic (Superbowl tweet) to a user's amount of retweets to determine how far and fast news travels in social media,

    What I dont understand is how that is of any importance to us or the world. Can you guys suggest ways I can use the data to explain the problem in our modern-day world or how the data might be useful?

    I have to go present next Tuesday at BU, so it be best If I got this finished this week and not the train-ride up there.

    Attached is the
    powerpoint full of my team and I's yearlong research, and honestly, I feel this has no direction, meaning and we're going to ridiculed amongst the other high school teams.

    You guys are my last resort and I hope your intelligence can rub off on me, even a smidge.

    h t t p : / /

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    First off you seem to infer that you think it's a problem....why?

    Abstracts usually aren't done until the research is complete; and how can it be since is usually summarizes observation, hypothesis, and results of the research. Seems you are putting the cart before the horse.

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    Ya gotta go where the data takes you.
    Its the way nature is!
    If you dont like it, go somewhere else....
    To another universe, where the rules are simpler
    Philosophically more pleasing, more psychologically easy
    Prof Richard Feynman (1979) .....

    Das ist nicht nur nicht richtig, es ist nicht einmal falsch!"
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    I've read a lot of journal articles that don't attempt to justify the importance or significance of their work in the abstract or the discussion, and that just say basically this is the question we asked or what we attempted to measure, and this is the result. I suppose it might be more important in applying for a grant, but in the article itself, is it a requirement?

    But I would think the speed at which information travels would be important and useful for all sorts of reasons, to all sorts of different people, from commerce to public health to politicians. For example if you need to counter misinformation or a rumor that is spreading, how fast do you have to respond and how many people would you need to reach to have any effect?
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