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Thread: What makes us seem relaxed about certain atmospheres?

  1. #1 What makes us seem relaxed about certain atmospheres? 
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    To clear my thoughts, I did a brief relaxation (none of this 'spiritual' balderdash) and I used the sounds of nature to calm me down and the sound of chirping and a gentle stream is so astonishing and pleasant. Then, a very intriguing question come to me - what makes these things so pleasant for our ears and our brain functions; our psychology?

    Here is one video -

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    Maybe it's the sounds you aren't hearing with it that makes it relaxing. If you heard birds chirping and suddenly they went dead silent or started squawking in alarm, what would you feel? Or while listening to the gentle waterfall, you also heard twigs snapping and a low growl. Maybe the normal sounds of nature are like an A-okay signal. It's strange when you think about it that we can tell when a bird is upset, but it probably saved a few of our ancestors.

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