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Thread: Why space aliens?

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    Since the start of history there seems to have been a fascination with creatures from other worlds.
    At one time it was gods and demons, and as technology advanced it became green astronauts flying around in big tea saucers instead of hairy thunderers riding chariots across the sky.

    So the question is two parts.
    First part:
    Why the shift from Thor to ET?
    Is it just reflecting technology or is it reflecting the secularization of religion?

    Second part:
    (This part is why I put this in Behaviour and Psych intead of the trash.)
    Why do people have the need to believe in things from the sky, under the ground, mountain tops, or any other place we can't get to yet?
    What part of our dysfunctional psyche drives us to invent mythical sky fairies anyhow?
    What human need do they actually serve?

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    Can they all be filed under "the other" ?

    Knowledge is power and if you have a claim to know about what is hidden from the general populus then that gives you street cred.

    Also if you want to justify your seat at the table an ability to tell a good story helps.The best stories are going to involve events just outside your realm of acquaintance (I think that is part of the reason travelers/gypsies were welcomed in the past -they brought news and stories)

    Of course good stories are also good if they involve the very intimate but the extraordinary should be able to be part of the mix too.

    Why do we need to believe in mythical creatures ? There will always phenomena outside our range of knowledge.If they are frightening we need to put a face on them and even if they aren't frightening we might like to be scared for titillation.

    Well that is my take .

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