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    Does anyone know if there have been any dispassionate studies on the effect of the internet on human relationships?

    Not snippets of opinion as to whether online dating is becoming more common or the way people shop around online etc but treating the phenomenon in the round.

    I mean its tentacles are spreading everywhere( aren't they ?) but I have yet to come across an article that really treated the subject in is own right.

    I don't think I am asking people for their opinions as to whether it is good or bad but I wonder , as I just said if the subject is being studied in its own right anywhere and if any sociological or other scientifically relevant studies have been published that I have failed to notice.

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    There are studies on the sociological impact of the internet on inter-human relationships, such as how social networking have changed the way and speed of how information is transmitted through different channels for commerce and news sharing, how people can both form and find online communities with similar common interests, how it differs from the earlier eras of telecommunications, etc. But to be honest, the subject is just too vast, and it may be a good idea to narrow down on certain aspects as there are many facets to how "new" communications techniques have changed the way we engage each other. There appears to be more than a handful of google scholar hits that may interest you, and if you find a more specific topic that interests you, we can dive further in if you wish.

    sociological effects of the internet - Google Scholar

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