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Thread: What controls our speech?

  1. #1 What controls our speech? 
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    I wonder how is it possible that we can talk spontaneously, without much thinking. Like random jokes or answer for sudden question.

    He is numb from his toes down
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    Hopefully our brains control our speech.
    Sometimes it goes wrong though and you get people with stutters, ticks, or apraxia where they make weird sounds without meaning to.

    Adult Speech and Language

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    The Broca and Wernike's areas?
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    What do you mean like possible scripted forum arguments where threads get locked?

    Speech is fascinating and just goes to show the speed at which information is relayed and how fast it is processed in the brain to be transfered to speech.

    Is it possible to time it and compare it to any such computerised device known to mankind?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hymenophyllum View Post
    I wonder how is it possible that we can talk spontaneously, without much thinking. .
    Hopefully our brains control our speech.
    There's the rub.
    Often, my mouth engages before my brain kicks in which leads to some rather bizarre miscommunications. This seems notably true with my sense of humor, which has led some respondents to exhibit aggression and other psychotic behaviors. Much like freedom, spontaneity comes with some costs and dangers.
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