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Thread: Evolutionary perspective on the motive of sensory stimulation?

  1. #1 Evolutionary perspective on the motive of sensory stimulation? 
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    Can someone explain to me why humans are motivated to seek sensory experiences? For example, in a study participants were placed in a dark room aimed to deprive them of their senses, and they couldn't handle it despite being well-fed, paid and taken care of. What are the factors that contribute to this motive?

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    Well, one fundamental rule of the game neurons play: An unstimulated neuron will eventually atrophy and die.

    So it's a basic need of any creature with a brain. And for good reason neurons also play by a rule that limits self-stimulation.

    EDIT: Sorry, that didn't really answer why the need for stimulation. The thing is, it's this need to receive impulses that enforces uneven selection among brain cells, so they (think of simple game theory) compete/cooperate by forming complex networks.

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