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Thread: Body language

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    Okay, I can't sleep and I'm up watching Seinfeld re-runs. And in this one episode he says that you can tell what a person thinks about an idea if they touch their face, and its gets worse the farther up they go. If they touch their chin, they are considering the idea, if they touch their mouth, they have some doubts, they aren't convinced, but not completely opposed. If they touch their nose, something definitely bothers them about the idea, and if they rub their forehead, they think you are crazy.

    I thought, wow, he's right.

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    If someone is not thinking about it (not consciously avoiding to show cues) they can indeed have mannerisms/postures/expressions/eye-direction that may give hints about their attitude might be towards what is said.

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    Body language signs are not definite. If people are not consciously aware of their actions it can be a give-away for example generally when we are trying to recall something we look up but some-one touching their mouth or averting their gaze doesnt always mean they are concealing a lie. Its better to take the whole situation into account not just pull out one aspect of the situation - although having said that some people are so obvious with their body language it cant be mistaken.

    But generally its easier to 'read' people if you listen to their words very carefully and take body language into account with their words and the context. Touching their forehead could just mean they have an itch or a headache.
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    I just state by verbal means what I think about ideas.
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    I know a bit about body language from my poker playing days. The following 'tells' have all been very reliable:

    A microsecond glance at their chip stack means your opponent was thinking about betting at that time. They may not bet but knowing they considered it could be to your advantage.

    Shaking hands whilst putting chips into the pot means uncontrollable excitement - and a great hand.

    A wildly throbbing neck vein isn't always easy to spot - but if you do see this it means a bluff.

    These are all subconscious actions but you also find conscious attempts at deception, such as throwing in chips aggressively, especially when acting out of turn. This is meant to intimidate but actually means the player has a poor hand. Acting with disinterest is a common attempt to conceal a good hand.

    I can't think of any particular instances outside of poker where any of the above would have came in to play but it does show how useful knowledge of body language can be.
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