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Thread: What is this thing with me?

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    I have a few problems, I feel all of them are related. When I was little, if I touched something with one hand, the hand would feel colder, so I would have to touch it with my other hand to balance out the temperature in my hands. Sometimes, if I spin around 3 times, I would have to spin around the other way 3 times. Just felt awkward if I didn't. Sometimes I feel like I have to put more pressure on one of my hands or feet when using them. so i push one key on my keyboard harder than i usually would. Or I walk and try to put more weight on one foot that the other. To balance out the pressures. To try and make them the same. Also, I stutter sometimes, when talking, and when doing things. If I am pressing a key, I might stutter on doing it. And with my eyes, if I see something near the edge of one of my eyes, I get a feeling like it's "filled". It's a real feeling, I get a feeling in my eye, like a little pressure pushed on it or something. So if I see one object near the edge of my eye, I need to see something at the edge of my other eye. I move my mouse around the screen sometimes trying to satisfy myself. Right now, there is too much of this feeling on my right eye. So soon, I will move my mouse to the left side.

    Anyone know what this is? And specifically the eye part, the feeling I get, anyone know what I'm talking about?

    Oh I might as well say here, when I eat grapes or strawberries, or simillar fruit, when I put it up to my mouth, I get a pain in my jaw. This happen to anyone else? (I dont touch it to my mouth, i just put it near)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weterman View Post
    Anyone know what this is? And specifically the eye part, the feeling I get, anyone know what I'm talking about?
    Thank you for waiting Weterman, Implicate can see you now.

    ....aaaaah Weterman, good to see you. Please lie down in this couch.

    What I think you may be feeling is a touch of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) which is a common ailment that many of us have experienced. It is an anxiety disorder of the mind ( a biochemical imbalance) that manifests itself throughout the body with symptoms such as feelings of 'imbalance and need for everything to be ordered and symmetrical'.

    The first thing you need to do (and stop looking at those damned jellybeans you know how you feel eating strawberries by the way), is to recognise those symptoms and urges as a manifestation of a possible anxiety disorder (it is not a real symptom, it is a trick of the mind) and learn how to deal with it by adopting an alternative behaviour that avoids these symptoms. The mind is a cruel beast that uses these cues to reinforce the feeling of imbalance, through symptoms of dizziness, nausea and possibly even pain. Don't let it rule your life. Teach your mind a lesson, spank it and then move on.

    .....anway, please take this brochure (ok and jellybean) and close the door on your way out...Oh and here is my invoice. I took the liberty to round the usual fee of $99.99 up to $1,000 to make it more balanced............NEXT :-))

    PS. This post is a thought only and should not be in any way thought of as the provision of medical advice. The reader is encouraged to seek professional assistance and is entitled to treat this post wih utter contempt, derision and pity that it rightfully deserves.

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    yep, sounds alot like OCD. My advice, check in with a qualified psychiatrist. I dont keep up with all the new drugs lately but there might be something out there for you.
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    I'd also check with your dentist - specifically on the alignment of the upper and lower jaws. There can be all sorts of apparently unrelated consequences if you have chronic tension/ misalignment/ subclinical headache originating in this area.

    And get your eyes checked. Odd sensations and apparent clumsiness or poor hand-eye coordination can be attributable, in some people, entirely to their unwonderful visual acuity.
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