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Thread: early burnout

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    My age is 40 yrs. I am facing an early burnout problem. I cant memorize things. I am slow. I have forgotten most of what I learnt in school and college. I am always changing my job. Will someone tell me a solution.

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    I think that if you find something that you really want to do, instead of just taking jobs, you'll find that the things that are difficult now won't even register anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by parag29081973 View Post
    I cant memorize things.
    If this is a recent change then I would suggest seeing a doctor.
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    1. There are some really simple and obvious health problems that cause these kinds of changes in function.

    Get a doctor to do the standard range of blood tests - you're 40 after all, about time to get a set of baseline readings for comparisons later. Checking for blood sugars, thyroid, anaemia, Vitamin D and other easily tested items should clear some really obvious candidates from the deck. Or, if all goes well, find something fairly straightforward to remedy.

    2. There are also medications that can cause thinking and memory problems. Anti-depressants, statins, anti-anxiety drugs - on the top of a very, very long list. If you're taking any medications, the doctor should review them to see if any could be changed to ameliorate your problems.

    3. Lifestyle. One remarkable thing - walking. Not going to the gym, not using equipment for exercise, not running or jogging, just walking. Turns out this can have a big effect on mood and on mental function.

    The other two biggies with lifestyle are sleep and nutrition. Check how long you're sleeping each night and the total each week. Most people don't sleep enough, though there are a few who sleep too much. Very likely you're not sleeping enough, this can have a huge impact on memory and on mental and emotional functioning generally. Nutrition. Have a long, honest look at what you eat and drink and when you eat. An imbalance in your diet can make you sluggish physically and mentally. Most people are better off by simply reducing fats and sugars and increasing fruits and vegetables. It depends more on the individual how much protein (and what kind) is best for improved or optimal functioning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by parag29081973 View Post
    My age is 40 yrs. I am facing an early burnout problem. I cant memorize things. I am slow. I have forgotten most of what I learnt in school and college. I am always changing my job. Will someone tell me a solution.
    Sounds like the early stages of depression. Unwanted thoughts may be taking over your ability to think normally. Take Panda's advice and seek professional help. Even though it is possible to wend one's way through a depression it is a difficult road to drive on without assistance.
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