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Thread: Imagining the world.

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    I have an exercise(more a practice) that I do very occasionaly.I try to imagine myself in place other than where I am.
    You have to make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and start to imagine.

    I am sure I am not the only person to do this and I expect it is also commonplace to attempt to make the experience as real as it can be.
    To this end I simply try ,fail and try again.
    It is enjoyable but it is doomed to failure.

    So why do I keep trying (occasionaly)?
    I don't know that (well it is enjoyable) but the last time I was doing it the thought crossed my mind that what I was attempting to do was not far removed from what we do all day long -ie we imagine the world (life) that we live .
    It is a kind of solipsistic viewpoint.

    I apologize if this might seem a mundane reflexion as I can well imagine (I am no student of philosophy) that this is an idea that has been rehearsed countless times by others ( I seem to recall the idea of life being a dream )but I would be grateful if anyone else had any thoughts on the matter.

    To recount (recap?) :my main point is that my (failed but semingly almost successful) attempt to create a secondary reality in my mind seemed to me at the time to bear a close resemblance to the way I actually live my "real" life .

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