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Thread: Help locating an old psychology scientific article ?

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    By luck could you help me finding this old psychology (scientific) article ?

    "(...),I next want to mention a strange Latin American case of a dysfunctional economy that got fixed. In this little subdivision of Latin America, a culture had arisen wherein everybody stole everything. They embezzled from the company, they stole everything that was loose in the community. And of course, the economy came practically to a halt. And this thing got fixed. Now where did I read about this case? I’ll give you a hint. It wasn’t in the annals of economics. I found this case in the annals of psychology. Clever people went down and used a bunch of psychological tricks. And they fixed it."

    2003 Speech by Charles T. Munger
    (I don't know why but I can't post the url right now!) MungerUCSBspeech.pdf

    Many thanks in advance

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