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Thread: ‘Nation and Mass, biological base of social processes

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    Let me introduce my lecture-presentation.
    ‘Nation and Mass, or origin, life and death of nations by means of natural and artificial selection’ different formats 55 frames.

    Main idea of lecture is comprehension of modern human environment. It may be nation or mass, and I think problem of environment is fundamental for every social research. Question is considered on base of sociobiology, evolutionary psychology, sociology and social philosophy. Accent is made on biological base of social processes. Subject is traced from Darwin to Wilson and then to Spengler and modern knowledge.
    I have always thought social science must be interesting. So I had tried to do somewhat
    Free download, enjoy, share, discuss.
    Sex and rank: Nation and Mass

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    "Really Sergei Morozov is not sociobiologist or evolutionary psychologist."
    I can believe that.

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    I too
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