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Thread: trying to find 'types' in these domains of psychology

  1. #1 trying to find 'types' in these domains of psychology 
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    well, I am trying to see if, other than the usual personality types and tests for them, if there are any
    types for certain specific domains of psychology other than straight personality. I've tried the personality types wikipedia article, i've tried EBSCO, i've tried list of psychometric tests' in wiki hoping to be able to corner the info that way, and it is wway to slow. I wonder if someone on this forum knows the answer to this?
    Typologies of people as they habitually align, in :
    language use
    decision making / planning/ problem solving/
    attention / task switching
    self perception / self concept
    understanding/ awareness
    social psychology
    types can be based on relevant factors like a memory typology based on use of working memory in tasks or recall speed,
    so long as it is a general type that is close to being a personality test, but one specific for that domain, memory or whatever.
    the more scientific the better, i already know that eyesenk's the big 5 and cattell's are the best for personality generally as the scales are based on more measurable evidence than others. and cross linked to the big 5 would be great.

    sorry that wasn't that clear... when people study memory and dreams in people, etc etc by domain, are there any 'types' of people in memory usage, that readily obviously pop up in testing? like i know the whole working memory long term memory etc., but i am wondering id there are habitual types in the Usage of things like those. that info seems to be pretty hard to find, all you can find is types of memory and in personality psychology many many schemes for personality types (some are more scientific like Big 5, than others)

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    I'm not sure what you mean. But I'll take a shot at it.

    There are indeed types of people in the following domains, but that fact is not particularly interesting:
    language (there are many different dialects, as well as different languages...)
    Decision making, will, motivation (Ex. Type A vs. Type B.), social psychology, etc. (that's what personality researchers study...)

    As for the others, there are only types of people in the following senses:
    1. People who are normal, and people who are exceptional (either exceptionally talented or really bad ex. ADHD with regard to attention, absent-mindedness as a memory trait, clumsiness with regard to volition)
    2. Personality differences manifest into differences in mental function
    3. Specific arrays of strengths and weaknesses in a domain (ex. visual learners vs. hands-on learners)

    What do you want to know about, in particular, though? There are indeed individual differences in EVERY psychological domain. Moreso in personality than others because evolution is more inflexible in some domains than others (individual differences in finger count, anyone?).'re asking such a broad question.

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