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Thread: Neuroplasticity. Norman Doidge and several other researchers.

  1. #1 Neuroplasticity. Norman Doidge and several other researchers. 
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    OCD, PTSD, stroke, schizophrenia - all these conditions have new therapies being researched and designed on the basis of neuroplasticity. You won't be able to rush out and sign up for any of them just yet, but some of them look terrific.

    The video will only be up on the site for 14 days - so that'll be December 5th. Look at it now if you're interested.
    SBS On Demand | TV and Online Video - Changing Your Mind

    The schizophrenia one, the last 15 mins or so, I found the most interesting - because the research focuses on the problems of the condition other than the hallucinations, delusions and voices. Apparently there are significant intellectual and social impairments which can be treated quite separately from the voices, and even if medication reduces the impact of the voices it doesn't necessarily help with the other issues.

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    It sounds really interesting but for some reason when I click the link, the page loads and then a woman's voice states very robotically, "This content... is currently... unavailable." Like a pretty female version of Capt. Kirk.

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    I started out a couple years back as nothing but an overmedicated sleeper. I have earned reductions in medication. At first, it is like all the horror stories you read about in texts about mental illnesses. My advantage I have had over the other patients was courage to bear the pain. Most run back to the professional for comfort right away. I have drowned in psychological peril , more like Terror, uncountable times. But eventually , just like learning to walk, I am walking. I do not believe in these Hospitals. I should have started out in a Zen Temple or something of Non-Drug Therapies. I would not recommend my path, but if you do, ask your doctor first.
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