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Thread: Animal behaviour studies and home office licence

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    Hi there
    I'm new here and just registered because I can't seem to find an easy answer to this question.

    I am hoping to do a 4th year dissertation on fish behaviour.
    Unfortunately we don't have any fish here in the institutions aquarium, apparently this would require a home office licence.
    I am not sure what kind of experiments require this licence, as far as I understand if a vertebrate is being kept in an institution for the sole purpose of research then the institution must hold a licence. Is this correct?

    Could I find a way around this if the fish were being kept in a fish farm unconnected to the institution and the experiment was purely observational? I don't intend to electrocute, poison, smack etc!


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    AFAIK, the Home Office is pretty strict on licensing for any research activity with animals. Quite apart from the safety and cruelty issues, there are also quarantine and animal control issues. They really wouldn't want you releasing fish into a river or estuary where they might cause problems of disease transmission or overcrowding/ displacement/ predation.

    Surely someone at your university has knowledge in this area - or knows someone else who does.

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