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Thread: Some of us fail to see our memories or hear our thoughts etc ...

  1. #1 Some of us fail to see our memories or hear our thoughts etc ... 
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    Sorry very poor English grammar there. Not my first language
    so ... Most people that I've asked about this assert that they
    do really see their memories.

    1. Example. Ask yourself or somebody you know to look at you
    or themselves in the mirror and then to shut their eyes.

    Now ask them to describe what they really do see inside their head?

    Great majority claim they see their memory of how they looked or how
    you looked just some seconds ago.

    2. Not everybody have this grand talent or feature.

    To some of us we only vaguely remember how it would look like
    if we open our eyes and look again. But we see only noise from the
    circuits in the brain. We see small small dots in differing colors that
    is almost totally random but if the light is strong enough then we see
    an after image that is more like negative silhuet of that person and that
    fade very fast depending on the individual. But we see no memory at all.

    only noise.

    Has there been scientific research on this difference?

    Related is our other senses. Hearing.

    1. Musical people claim they hear music seeing the dots on the paper
    or they claim they hear the music they remember.

    2. Not so for us who lack that talent. We near nothing only the blood
    running creating a background noise.

    Not sure if that is related. I mean does a it always go together
    or are some good at seeing but lousy at hearing memories?

    Does anybody know? Suppose I would want to google this.
    What search word would likely find any answer.

    Is there a known name for this lack of ability?

    ToneDeafness is something else I guess

    Forgot to add this important info.
    EarWorms or StuckTunes is a phenomena that is somewhat related.

    An earworm is a piece of music that sticks in one's mind so that one seems to hear it, even when it is not being played. Other phrases used to describe this include musical imagery repetition and involuntary musical imagery.

    This is also called a 'haunting melody' or 'hard-to-shake melody'

    Haha I do have such rather often. But I would not say I really hear that music
    or tune within me.

    It is more like it express itself like musical muscle patterns or non-verbal thoughts.
    It "plays" that is a good way to say it but I don't really hear it. But it is still very
    annoying because it is rather difficult to put an end to it. It wants to be "playing"
    again and again. Like if my body/brain wants to practice that melody. Crazy.

    And often it is rather banal melodies that one don't even like. Simplistic tunes

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    Very interesting, but I have no idea, if people have ever researched the difference.

    The following is what comes to me, after reading your thread, (sorry for changing the subject, but this is what comes to mind.)

    In some way, I would call these people with different (picture storing brains), just people with certain behavior/talents/ abilities.

    We are social primates, an animal that lives in a group, and certain group members, may each have a different function in the group.

    And these different behaviors/functions, will give certain members of the group certain abilities. An ability that others dont have.

    Like one kind of behavior/function type, that is good at spotting snakes, eagles, and other predators.
    And other personality types that are good at fighting.
    And other personality types that are good at warning others of danger.

    What if a natural group of social primates, had certain members that were DNA programmed to do certain things. Like,

    1. a group that looked for snakes and eagles, within the group.
    2. a group that warned other members of danger.
    3. a group that got members to run, with young members.
    4. a group that stayed behind to fight.
    (or a female with a young offspring, also triggering certain behavior.)

    And all of the above DNA given behaviors combined, caused the primates group fight/flee behavior.

    And the human abilities, you speak of above, are just members of one of the above groups.

    But back to the original subject,

    In some of the science TV shows I watch, I remember seeing scientists, do experiments, on things like you discuss above, in the first 1,2 you listed.

    And I just re-read what you posted above, and said to myself, its so simple and obvious, some one had to do, a study/documentation on that. But then I thought, what if no one ever noticed it?

    If you really want to know, the answer to your question. Perhaps you should copy/past your above thread, and put it into an email. Then send the email to a college professor in that field, or a easy to find human brain study scientist.

    You may get a response, that answers your question.


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    Thanks Chad,

    I guess one need to find the right key word for searching.

    And one problem with such research are that it is subjective.

    Philosophically it relates to "Qualia"
    Qualia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    only read if your really curious. I am very skeptical to anything philosophy.
    I really don't trust they know anything else than rhetoric and maybe logic.

    I want real natural science answers and such cost much to do so none
    maybe have given donations for such trivial things.

    And it has to do with how we use words. What if all those that claim
    to really see their memories just use words in less strict ways.

    Some qualify it like this. "I see my memory for my inner eye
    I don't see it with my physical eyes. " I maybe could say
    something like that too. I don't see anything with my physical eyes
    but maybe I can agree upon that my brain "see" something even
    if the word "see" is way too precise and strong for to describe how it looks.

    The earworms is a bit different. I don't hear the melody but I recognize
    what melody it is so even if nothing can be really heard it still "plays"
    within me and are very persistent and annoying in that it urge me to
    whistle and hum along with the tune and rhythm but to say that I hear it
    would be to lie but I can recognize what melody there is that play even
    if I don't always remember the name of it. I can whistle and hum it out of tune

    So all this is very subjective and hard to pin point and maybe difficult to study.

    But I very much envy those that really do see their memories and hear the music.

    I mean no need for a Camera or music recorder. They can see and hear anything
    that have happen to them. Unless they use words in sloppy ways? How can we know?
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    I don't know if it is relevant, but experiments using brain imaging have found that the areas of the brain used to process a visual image are largely shared by those used when recalling an image.
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    Yes you are right I have seen such reports too.
    That is why I find it mysterious that others do see
    their memories and that I don't see them.

    Forgot to tell that while the dream unfolds
    then I do seems to see the dream content
    maybe not in high resolution but I do remember
    that it looked rather okay in the dream but as
    soon as I wake up then it fade away and I fail
    to see those fading memories of the dream.

    I know I met a girl and we camped together
    and we where very many people and ...

    Then I woke up and it all faded away.
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