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Thread: The brain fascinates me like nothing else

  1. #1 The brain fascinates me like nothing else 
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    Hey guys, I am absolutely fascinated by the human brain. It's so complex and intricate.

    I currently have a simple article site but I'd like to turn it more centered on pushing our brains to the limits. Expressing already known and well practiced activities, such as lucid dreaming and the Method of Loci to more fringe, superstitious, and unproven theories and activities like AP, OBEs, ESP, and others. And also conduct experiments. Whoever wants to join can get access to the Google Analytic account [for the site], get a FTP account, and, if they want, an extra email account. And we would all split the income from the site.

    Of course there are other sites similar to this, but I mostly just love experimenting and learning more about the human brain. So the main goal is to advance our knowledge and skills, then possibly make some money on the side to keep things going.

    Any ideas, help, or advice is appreciated.

    I'm hoping I'm allowed to post this, but if not, of course please remove it.

    The site is HutuDB (probably going to change the name eventually). Again, currently it's just a simple article site.

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