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Thread: Human thought processes, that were created inside of corporate think tanks.

  1. #1 Human thought processes, that were created inside of corporate think tanks. 
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    Note: These things do (not) seem to happen within the US Democrat political party.

    Also to back my statements, US college professors classify the US republican party as a propaganda group. And European writers consider the US republican party to be a cult. I (believe) listeners of Rush radio are the worst victims of the following, followed by listeners of US Fox news.

    Members of the USA Republican political party, have political, economic, and scientific thought processes (that were created inside of corporate think tanks.) A great percentage of a US republicans actual political thought processes, are phrases and ideas, that were created inside of corporate think tanks.

    And most of these think tank created ideas and phrases, that have been placed inside the US republican mind, are untrue, unreal, and/ or fantasy's.

    These think tank created phrases, are put into US republican brains in the following way,

    Corporate think tanks create phrases and ideas. Then groups like Fox news and Rush radio repeat these phrases and ideas on their news broadcasts. US republicans then hear these phrases and believe them, and then these phrases become a US republicans political, economic, and scientific thought processes. (Even while these phrases and ideas are untrue, unreal, and/ or fantasys.)

    I would (assume!!) that Nazi and communist propaganda machines of the past, also placed thought processes within their populations, that were also untrue, unreal and/ or fantasys, just like the US republican propaganda machine does. I would (assume!!) that Nazi and communist propaganda machines, had organizations of workers that created untrue ideas, that made their leaders ideas, and plans seem good to the population. Within the US republican propaganda machine it is corporate think tanks that fill this role.

    These think tanks along with Fox news and Rush radio, have placed 100's of ideas and phrases, into the brains of US republicans. And they are all untrue, unreal, and/ or fantasys.

    The following are a few examples of (untrue) phrases, that were created inside of think tanks, and repeated by Fox news and Rush radio, that have become the actual political, economic, and scientific thought processes inside of US republican brains.

    All of the phrases created by theses think tanks, are designed to lower taxes and increase profits for, Americas rich and large corporations.

    The following is one example of a (scientific) untrue belief, that was created inside of a corporate think tank, that has become a thought process of US republicans.

    1. Fox news and Rush radio say the following "Global warming is not happening, and global warming is a hoax and a lie, created by the worlds political left."

    Even though 97% of climate scientists state "global warming is happening" , these Fox news and Rush radio propaganda group victims still believe "global warming is not happening." The victims of this propaganda group also believe that, the scientists who say "global warming is happening" are lying and involved in a conspiracy plot started by the worlds political left

    I have spoken to many members of this propaganda group/ cult, who believe that global warming is not happening. And even though I tell them 10x "97% of climate scientists say "global warming is happening, and I can show you proof", they refuse to believe it. Once these US republicans get into this propaganda group/ cult they only trust information from Fox news and Rush radio.

    Note: These think tanks created the lie "global warming is not happening", to increase the profits of large corporations like Exxon Mobile.

    The following is a untrue and unreal (economic) idea, that was created inside of corporate think tanks, that has become the actual thought process of US republicans.

    There are 100's more (separate) unreal and untrue economic phrases like the following, that were created in think tanks, that are now the thought processes of US republicans.

    2. tax cuts for Americas rich, increase government revenues

    (While all respected economists, even US republican economists state, "tax cuts for Americas rich do (not) increase government revenues.")

    The above think tank created lie effects the propaganda group/ cult victims, in the same way as the think tank phrase "global warming is not happening."

    And I have also told these victims of this propaganda group, that "all respected economists state, tax cuts for the rich do not increase government revenues", and just like with global warming, these propaganda group victims do not believe it. They only believe information from Fox news and Rush radio. They believe any information (not) from Fox news or Rush radio are lies from a conspiracy plot created by the worlds political left.

    The following are a few more examples of (economic) think tank phrases, that are lies and untrue, according to respected economists, but still victims of this propaganda group believe them as true.

    These are only a few examples there are 100's more.

    1.) tax cuts for Americas rich, and large corporations create jobs (economists say this is un-true, b/c small business creates most new US jobs, and also large US corporations are moving many US jobs to China for cheaper labor.)

    2.) tax cuts for Americas rich stimulate the economy (economists say this is un-true, and it stimulates Chinas economy, thats were Americas rich create jobs to get cheap labor.)

    3.) large US corporations are forced to pay too much money in taxes (While GE corp and many other large US corporations have a -0- % tax rate, and these same corporations get billions in tax refunds, these corporations tax rate is actually (negative) billions of dollars.)

    4.) Americas rich are forced to pay too much money in taxes (While Warren Buffet has a 17% tax rate, and Americans who make $60,000 a year have a 30% tax rate, Americas rich have around 1/2 less the tax rate as regular Americans.)

    5.) the death tax effects everyone (reality: it only effects the top 2% of richest americans.)

    6.) the flat/fair tax is the best idea for all Americans (While the flat tax is actually a huge tax cut for the rich, and a huge tax increase for everyone else. source: Citizens for Tax Justice.)

    7.) free trade creates better paying american jobs (reality: in 2001, economists estimated that 3/4 of American workers lost about 12% of their current wages because of free trade deals.)

    8.) raising the minimum wage kills jobs and hurts low-income workers (reality: economists say this cant be proven, because states with high min. wages actually create more jobs.)

    9.) higher wages mean higher prices (reality: the US department of agriculture did a huge study on this and found this un-true)

    10.) low wages are offset by low prices (reality: economists say this does not happen.)

    11.) free markets -not regulation- will keep intrest rates low (reality: economists say this is un-true)

    12.) "free" trade laws make trade actually free (reality: these laws only give billions of dollars to Americas rich)

    13.) we dont need policies that increase wages because wages are already growing (reality: When republicans said this, American workers wages just decreased by 0.6 %.

    It seems that any untrue or unreal think tank created phrase, is believed by US republicans.

    This US republican (propaganda group) media says, and repeats 10,000's of untrue, false, and untrue fantasy phrases about economics, science, US democrats, liberal organizations, and US democrats laws each year.

    And because of the fact, their are millions of US republicans, this propaganda group/ cult, says and repeats millions and millions of lies and untrue things each year in America.

    I challenge any forum member to post/ list any group of people, who have said more lies than US republicans, in a 15 year period.

    I believe chances are, there has never been a group of people, in the history of all mankind, that has said and repeated as many lies and un-true things as US republicans, said and repeated in the last 15 years. But increased population and better media systems may be the reason for this, but maybe not?

    The following is a separate subject, but shows a social side of this republican propaganda group/ cult. It seems this propaganda group is giving its victoms pro rich thoughts, and at the same time negative thoughts about Americas working poor.

    The think tanks, and/ or their owners, get Fox news and Rush radio to say phrases like the following, about Americas rich.

    1. the rich made all the right choices
    2. the rich made America great
    3. the rich create all of Americas jobs (note: small and family business create most of Americas new jobs.)
    4. the rich pay all the taxes (While Americas rich like Warren Buffet have a tax rate of 17%, Americans who make $60,000 a year have a 30% tax rate.)

    By talking to US republicans, you can see that they believe all the think tank created lies and fantasys, said by Fox news and Rush radio. So perhaps one could assume that the above think tank created phrases about americas rich, are also (believed) within the US republicans brains, the same way all the other examples above, are believed by US republicans.

    But while Rush radio and other groups, repeat the above pro-rich phrases, they also speak of Americas (working poor) in negative ways.

    This propaganda group speaks of how, Americas working poor pay no federal taxes, and just take money from the federal government.

    So this propaganda group/ cult is not only telling its followers 10,000's of lies and untrue beliefs each year. They are also putting thoughts into US republican brains that support the rich, and criticize and put down the working poor.

    This is just an example of social ideas that think tanks put into US republican brains.

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    Jeezus, chad. How many times are you going to repost this same nonsense?

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    I challenge any forum member to post/ list any group of people, who have said more lies than US republicans, in a 15 year period.
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