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    I've been looking at how I think and I found something weird things

    Every emotion I have is replaced with or can be written off as curiosity.
    This interests me, because the best explanation I can come up with is a response to "reward system."
    And naturally I have to explain what I mean:

    Friendship - Interest in Individual. (Can provide data if tested)
    Love - Lie to continue observation. (Probe deeper or necessary to continue research)
    Happiness - No shortage of people to study. (I can try this experiment on this one and this on that one and...)
    Sadness - Losing a subject. (A lab rat dies, find another one)
    Hatred - No interest in subject (They've given me all the info I need or want or they can give. Move onto the next one)
    Boredom - No interesting data (Look, I don't have anything to review. This never happens)

    I can act like a normal person (including emotions)so I don't need treatment, but I have no idea why I do this.
    I try to turn everything into a "science." Every general action can be figured out as an If Then statement.

    I've can guess every reaction and response of my classmates.
    I often provoke them to get a response if they interest me.
    I do this to strangers too. I can ask someone a question with a clipboard and I get the weirdest responses.
    Well, it's normal behavior, but it's weird to me.
    And that includes most emotion, and religion.

    Just form an idea and see how many people I can get results from.
    Yes, this is self-destructive behavior. No, I probably won't publish what I find.
    I ask you this question because you seem to be some of the smartest people I can find.
    That and I find it weird that I'm so weird.

    If you want me to explain more, just ask.

    I think I'll just throw in my thoughts on Emotion for good measure.

    From my "unique" perspective I sort emotions into two parts. Evolutionary & Artifical
    Evolutionary emotions are those that make us survive. Like fear for instance.
    Artifical are those that have been crated by society.
    A good example of this is seeing a dead puppy on a sidewalk with a knife in it's face.
    Artifically - we think what horrible person would do such a thing and want to kill them in return.
    Evolutionary - We would remove the knife and eat the puppy before it got rotten.

    Artifical emotions don't make sense, why would we have them beyond being instilled by society?
    What purpose does it serve if we pass up the puppy corpse?
    I wouldn't do this, I have a well stocked fridge and can see too many problems arising if someone found a dead puppy in there.
    But my point stands.

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    There is a good chance that a competent psycho therapist would diagnose you as having sociopathic traits.

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    Apathy- What are you asking me for. (Less fun than I thought it would be)
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