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Thread: atmosphere / emotional background (what is it ?)

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    This is really hard to word, so bare with me.

    What is the emotional feeling that accompanies events, memories or even present time ?
    I will try to elaborate some more:

    Someone is sitting in a room, say his or her bedroom. One evening this person is watching a movie it is dark outside and the room is candlelit.
    You have a fixed set of background emotion (for lack of better terms), the emotion proper, usually won't have influence on this background.

    Now say this person is sitting in an airplane years later and they show the same movie. For an instance the emotional background changes to the same one as that evening in the bedroom.

    This emotional background can also be tied to a dream for instance, and entering a room that remembers on of that dream might trigger it.
    Often these backgrounds, are experienced as being extremly unpleasant and are avoided at all times (this is what i always experienced as depression).

    Anyone has this experience and knows what i am talking about ?

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    Memories are inter-linked. This is not news. You are describing what everyone experiences and for which we have sound neurological explanations.

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    Well i know its not new, I'm looking for the proper terms. And I'm not describing a combination of smell, sounds etc.
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    I saw this tv show about NASA, it was a documentary about the ground crew that, spoke and directed the spacecraft while it was in space.

    One of the men from the moon flights ground crew, came back into the ground control room, many, many years later, and he said he could feel everyone there like the old days.

    I think maybe, if you tell a group of people, that a house or motel, that they will be sleeping in is haunted. I think some of them will think they heard a ghost, while sleeping there.

    I have had simular expierences, with certain places. Maybe your brain re-lives that event, when you return to a place.

    Or you see something, and your brain re-lives the emoitions related to that thing.

    Maybe something unpleasant happened to you, in a certain place, and your brain is trying to stop you from getting into that place again.

    I dont know what event might have done this to you (I hope its not horrible.) But maybe your subconscience mind is trying to keep you away from something.

    hope you feel better.
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