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Thread: Kin Selection and Genetic Similarity Theory.

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    J.P. Rushtonís Genetic Similarity Theory is not widely appraised by the mainstream of the scientific establishment in North America, Europe & Australia. Rushton and a small handful of collaborators at the University of Western Ontario have tried to reinterpret the general theory of Kin Selection, which was originally invented by W. D. Hamilton, Colin Pittendrigh, and George C. Williams. Using Hamiltonís rule, Rushton has tried to derive a generalized theory about human sexual attraction among genetically close kin. Accordingly, Rushton postulates that people will instinctively find those who resemble their own family to be more attractive than outsiders Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Relativism, and the Theory of Universals.

    Is there any scientific evidence at all to suggest that intra-ethnic sexual attraction among genetically close kin is biologically determined to some degree; and if so, what is the heritability of the biological component responsible for intra-ethnic sexual attraction among genetically close kin?

    On the other hand, how much of a role do environmental factors play in terms of oneís acquired sexual taste (as a percentage of the individualís overall psychological development) as opposed to the individual's biologically determined intra-ethnic sexual attraction, which would be the basis of inter-ethnic sexual attraction between different kin groups?

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    There has been research work that suggests sexual attraction is reduced by close contact with people over childhood. This works to make attraction to close kin not happen. This is a learned behaviour - not genetic.

    It works like this. If a child is raised with members of the opposite gender, then many years close proximity works to 'teach' that child not to be sexually attracted. This means brothers and sisters are not sexually attracted to each other. It also works with adopted siblings, even with no genetic link, as long as the adopted siblings are raised together with their adopted brothers and sisters from an early age. ie. no sexual attraction develops. To a lesser degree, it applies to individuals of the same community, raised in close proximity. This is why people tend to prefer outsiders as sexual partners, though marriage to members of the same community is, of course, very common.

    The closer people are over the long years of childhood, the less likely to develop sexual attraction.

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    The only kin selection related work that I know of at the University of Western Ontario is more serious work about how cooperation between relatives can influence the propagation of genes within a population.

    Rushton is not considered to be a significant contributor to the academic work of the University of Western Ontario.
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