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    Hi, just a quick question. Why is it that when my partner is upset and she wakes me from sleep or talks to me when I'm tired, no matter how hard I try to stay awake my eyes close and I fall asleep. She says that I don't care that she's upset but I do, it feels like I have no power over my sleep. She insists that if it were the other way around she could wake up but I have never disturbed her sleep nor would I.

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    If she was to try to wake you up about something really important and life threating would you wake up ? I imagin you would.
    Maybe you subconsciously think thats its not really important whats shes saying, and your body tells you to get your needed sleep.
    But it also seems to me that you dont care, I feel you may be a mans man, and you say you care (but you care in your own way), and I believe you.

    If she does this 1-2 times a week, your doing what you have to do. But if she only does this every 2-3 weeks or so, you are in the wrong.
    My advice to you, if she does not do this a lot is this, when she wakes you up, be a man, slap yourself in the face to wake up, and sit in a chair and listen.

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    Hi Chad, thanks for the reply! I'm not a mans man and I'm very attentive, caring, worried, thoughtful, etc when discussing important matters at an earlier time. Also, when she wakes me - sometimes frequently when in a period of time that something important is occurring - I try so hard to stay awake but I usually fall back to sleep. I also speak and try to respond but end up making no sense or corrolating the topic to something nonsensical. I'm not sure if it is important but I even fall asleep in public such as on a train or a bench or at the airport if I'm tired. It seems that under all circumstances I've experienced I can't combat my sleep.
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    As a professional driver that often flips schedules sometimes twice in one week. I know a thing or two about being tired and needing sleep.

    I can tell you that there's something wrong if you cant hold your attention on what someone you care about is saying. You may think you're focusing but you're not. You're not engaged in any meaningful way at all.

    Stand up when she's talking if that helps you stay awake. Hope this helps you identify the problem. If you honestly believe you're incapable of staying awake. there might be a medical problem.
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