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Thread: Hate Crime Analysis (Machado case)?

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    I have an assignment to do on the analysis of hate crime from the targets perspective, its generally based on the Machado case which was about the following

    Machado: Hate mail goes electronic
    In September of 1996, 19 year-old Richard Machado sent email to 59 Asian students at his public college, threatening them with phrases like "I will personally make it my life's career to hunt you down and kill you" and signed by "Asian Hater." Several of these individuals reported this incident to the Office of Academic Computing (OAC). One of the recipients was a student employee of the OAC. The administrators of the OAC were faced with a decision about how to respond to harassing and threatening email sent over their system to students of their University, using their facilities.

    So my question is does anyone have any information I could use for this assignment?
    How would you feel if you were the target?
    What are your opinions on this case?
    And if you were ever a target of a hate crime how did that make you feel and what was your perspective at the time this happened?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    P.S. My opinions on hate crime are simply they shouldn't happen, but in the world we live in unfortunetly they do exist.

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    This case was a real tempest in a teapot.

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    but what is the bases of (hate crime) shorly all crime is hate based . whether it is agianst propaty or people
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    How would I feel if I were the target is a simple answer to give but is going to differ depending on a persons experiences and mental toughness.

    I would take the threat seriously but not MORE seriously because it was racially motivated.

    Here's an example I deal with often. If you get bad service at a restaurant, the service was bad, the motivation behind the service doesn't change the quality of the service.

    You're not going to want to patronize the place again whether they hate you or are just inept.

    Hate crimes are all about trying to determine the motive of a crime. In my opinion they shouldn't have any determination in the severity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Truck
    In my opinion they shouldn't have any determination in the severity.
    At what severity should hate motivation be taken into account in a determination? Mathew Sheppard level? Firebombing level? lynching level?
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